Hey Guys,

Being in IT since 2003, as a software developer, web developer, solution architect, project and product manager, mentor to startups and a startup founder, I have acquired a bulk of skills, experience and exposure to the diversified and disrupting service industries’ related solutions, which evolved in multi-cultural startups, SMBs and Enterprises on both offshore and onshore basis.

This learning process would never end and life is too short, thus I decided to start giving back to the society I learnt from therefore, created the blog post “free consultancy and mentorship”. So, mark your interest by replying in comments, the field you would like to attain free training about and then click the relevant link below for posting your inquiries:

Options are:
1. Project Management
2. Product Management
3. Software Development (mobile apps and websites design and development)
4. Founding and managing Startups
5. Incorporating AI, ML, DL, NLP, AR/VR and IoT