What is DM, DA, ML, AI and PA?

Basics of implementing Data Mining, Data Analytics, Machine and Deep Learning and Predictive Analysis for continuous growth of e-businesses? We usually came across frequently that even Enterprises also got confused in implementation and utilization of Data Mining, Data Analytics, Machine Learning, Deep Learning and Predictive Analysis therefore our CEO, Ahmed Bilal specially dedicated to make a write up for us and..

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Statistical and Analytical Approach

Drive and Maintain Users Traffic

Statistical and Analytical based actions always drive more audience to your Web and Mobile applications and that’s an important factor as well to Achieve world-class user experience; By providing real-time and high value offers, customizable profiles with rich information.

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User Behavior Analytics

Users psychology observations based UI/UX and Data analytics leads towards a consistent growth of Digital Products (Mobile and Web Applications): Hello Readers, Abstract: This is to share my practical experience gained from executions of small to large scale applications at different roles. I am focused on producing articles focused on practical implementation of different aspects..

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